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FutureFit is a training and research project led by Nesta and supported by Google.org, focused on creating an effective adult learning system, in partnership with some of Europe’s largest unions, leading researchers, employers and adult learning experts.

Based on our research, we’ve created this site to share tools, knowledge and inspiration to develop your digital skills and self-leadership to create your path to the jobs of the future.


Adopting a learning mindset is a vital skill for tomorrow’s jobs

The way we work has changed radically.  Everyone has been affected by recent events - whether it be automation, the pandemic or climate change.

So how can we cope? We keep learning. We learn how to learn, we learn to cope, we learn to adapt.


Building Your Future

The digitisation of a changing world

Today, 60% of all jobs  include digital tasks as a core part of their roles. As digitisation rapidly changes the world, we need new skills and a lifelong learning mindset to adapt.

Future Skills

As automation increases jobs will be displaced. And while adopting new digital skills is important, we’ve identified key skills that will be almost impossible to automate that will make the people resilient to these changes.


Workplace learning is the competitive advantage of the future

We developed a framework for preparing adults for the future of work, including  a set of guiding principles to deliver inclusive and accessible adult learning experiences.


Start your
learning journey

Drawing from our experience in training over 1,100 workers across Europe, we developed a tool to help you kickstart your learning journey.

Learn How to Learn


We've developed a canvsas to help create new learning habits and a growth mindset.

Download our canvas to develop a plan for your learning journey.


How to thrive in a changing world

The workplace is changing for employers too. Organisations need to focus on agility and responsiveness, put trust in their teams and and foster a growth mindset.

Explore the programme

To tackle the challenge of adult learning, upskilling and reskilling across the labour market, we have built cross-system partnerships in Finland,
Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark and Belgium.

Visit our About Page to learn more about the programme.

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