The essential skills for a new era

To be resilient in a changing workplace we don’t just need to learn to work with new digital tools. We must deepen to the
core human skills that will be almost impossible to automate.

Based on the learning journey of over 1,000 individuals who completed training across 5 countries in Europe, we developed a framework for preparing adults for the future of work.

It provides a set of guiding principles by which to realise inclusive and accessible adult learning systems for the digitalised future of work and deliver the necessary skills to thrive in the new economy.

The framework includes two learning infrastructure mechanisms, four learning mechanisms, and three essential skills that need to be unlocked. Effective adult learning systems ensure that every adult is given equality of opportunity to access adult learning. They are driven by two infrastructure principles - multi-stakeholder partnerships and inclusion. The transition to an inclusive learning environment will also require learning mechanisms that, by focusing on learners' experiences, can motivate learners to complete training and help unlock the skills needed for a more inclusive future.

Research conducted across the five participating countries has allowed us to identify four learning mechanisms - communities of practice, personalised learning aligned to the labour market needs, digital mentoring and learning mindset. Adults must be prepared for the future of work. Realising this vision requires adults to be equipped with digital skills. While these skills are essential, adult learning systems must also deliver some additional skills as part of teaching digital skills including interpersonal skills, and learning agility.


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