Becoming a lifelong learner

Developing a learner mindset is essential to cope with rapid changes in the labour market. Building the core skills needed to create and retain that mindset will be key to those that will flourish in the next digital age.


Start self-directing your learning by building feedback, reflection and a growth mindset into your routine.

These core skills may feel familiar to many but making them regular habits may take focus. This will all help to develop a new continual approach to workplace learning.

Growth mindset

A growth mindset is the belief that skills can be improved over time, rather than being fixed from birth. You may never be the best at something but with a growth mindset you believe that you can get better. Using a growth mindset drives you to focus on improving, not proving, yourself to face all future challenges.


 Reflecting both individually and in a group paves the way for learning as it gives you an opportunity to process and cement the new skills and behaviours you are developing.


Effective feedback supports individuals and organisation as the need to grow and develop increases. As part of our development, we need to know which area(s) to focus on.

Feedback is a mechanism for change and supports people, teams and organisations to develop and change for the better


Download our workbook to reflect on which future skills you have now and make a plan
for your learning journey.